Organic Spinach Ribbons Topped With Smoked Mozzarella

Organic Spinach Ribbons Topped With Smoked Mozzarella

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow = Soup?

Good Morning!

So I woke up to a snow covered Winter wonderland and it's still snowing.  There's something about snow that turns me back into a kid.  I want to shrink back to five years old and put on my all-time favorite bright green winter coat with the fur trimmed hood and make snow angels.  I want to play in the snow until my cheeks resemble red delicious apples and I can't feel the tip of my nose.  I want to make snowballs and throw them at the house ....even though I was told not to.  I want to build, not just a snowman, a snowman family.  I used to eat snow but, present date, I can pass on that as I'm now aware of germs and Lysol is a close personal friend of mine.

I woke up, jumped up to look out the window behind the headboard of our sleigh bed (it's snowing and we have a sleigh bed - how apropos, right?), and shouted "Chris, it's snowing!"  Now, let me go back a moment - I don't think I mentioned it was 5:30AM and Chris was sound asleep.  Chris jumped up, "What?  What?  What's wrong? What?"  I was already out the bedroom door by his third "what?"  Poor Chris - he's not what you'd call a morning person.

So here I sit with my laptop watching the snow fall by the light of the street lamps and my mind is racing .....what to cook today?  Comfort food?  Mexican?  Chinese?  Should I attempt a seafood feast the Gorton's Fisherman would be proud of?  I don't  know, the latter is kind of tough - I mean, he's been trusted since 1849.

Our neighbor was rushed to the Hospital yesterday (she's okay and is coming home today) so I'm definitely making my chicken soup to take over - nothing says comfort (to me) like chicken soup.  Although Campbell's chicken noodle soup was a large part of my childhood, we have since parted ways.

So I've got the chicken soup on "the list." I've got soup on the brain.  Hmmmm - what about turkey meatball soup? Can you feel it?  Baby sized meatballs (seared and then baked) - a scallion fresh herb broth simmering while the meatballs are in the oven filling the kitchen with the aroma of rosemary, thyme and basil .....yes, I most definitely think it will make my stomach sing.

Okay, so now I've got two soups on the list - pretty good considering it's 7:13AM!

Off to the kitchen to refill my coffee and find some inspiration.

'Till Later!

Always "Push The Parsley!"
 ~ A Girl Cook

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