Organic Spinach Ribbons Topped With Smoked Mozzarella

Organic Spinach Ribbons Topped With Smoked Mozzarella

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Possible Snow = Frantic Grocery Store

I was born in Pennsylvania and lived there until I was a full blown annoying 5 year old who thought it was most fun to throw snowballs at cars driving by our house. We got snow.  It snowed.  A lot.  I have pictures of me in the snow where the snow was up to my waist.

I've been snow skiing.  I've skied down Buttermilk Mountain in Snowmass in less than favorable conditions.  I've skied in Breckenridge when the snow was coming DOWN.

I've been snowed in at airports.

I have conquered snow covered hills as both a youngster and adult ~ as a youngster on a sled, as an adult on skis and on foot.

All of these things did NOT prepare me for the scene at the local grocery store when snow is predicted in our small town nestled in the Ozark Mountains.

Exactly what happens to these people?  I mean, it SNOWS in the Ozark Mountains yet people act like they are actually living in the Amazon swinging from tree to tree on hearty vines and applying suntan lotion every hour on the hour and  then....OH MY might snow!!

Chris and I go to the grocery store today and as soon as the electronic doors slid open the chaos inside hit us like those black crows in the Windex commercial hit the glass doors.  I paused a moment before I selected a cart the sanitizing spray was spraying everything BUT my cart ....and looked at the people.  They were young.  They were middle aged.  They were elderly.  But they were ALL absolutely FRANTIC.

We started off in the meat section with our grocery list.  You know when you're driving and there is an accident and the traffic slows to a creep because everyone wants to slow down and look?  Well, that's what the meat section looked like.  And let me tell you .....these people wanted their MEAT!

Chris and I split up and tag-teamed the grocery store.  Of course, this involved me being 2 aisles away at all times and Chris searching for me up and own the aisles with handfuls of grocery items.  This, of course, enhanced the already positive experience we were having.

Finally, we wrapped it up.  The elderly bearded man who always RUNS to the lane I'm checking out in (because I tip him $1 when he takes my groceries to the car) says to me, "So ya'll are full with guests at the B&B looks like."  I replied, "No, this is actually just for us."  Both he and the checker broke out in gales of laughter.   You see, apparently I am, after four years, officially a local.  I now seamlessly blend in with all of the other frantic Amazon loving citizens of our small town nestled in the Ozark mountains.   I overreact at the possibility of snow.

So what's for dinner you might ask?  So many choices - steak, a ham, chicken, chicken pot pie (for Chris), grilled chicken salad, meatloaf, tacos / taco salad, salmon....I'll stop here because it's getting a little ridiculous.

I'm relaxing right now listening to some great jazz and pondering what to cook.  Maybe while I'm in the shower washing off my suntan lotion from my afternoon in the Amazon it will come to me.  Stay tuned!

Always "Push The Parsley!"
 ~ A Girl Cook

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