Organic Spinach Ribbons Topped With Smoked Mozzarella

Organic Spinach Ribbons Topped With Smoked Mozzarella

Friday, January 21, 2011

SALT - Sorry My Male Followers, This Isn't About Angelina Jolie

Good Morning!

Got your Java? I've got mine and I'm all snuggled in looking out the window at the beyond beautiful 4" of snow.  (we're supposed to get 3-6" more on Sunday! ---ohhhhh yeahhh!!) All of the trees look like a Chef took a world-size shaker of powdered sugar and dusted everything.  Some of the branches look as though they've been dipped in white chocolate. this where the treat "chocolate bark" came from?

So we all know it's snowed in the Ozarks.  We all know we have 4" of snow.  Where there is snow there are, hopefully, salt trucks.  Last night as I was sitting in the living room watching "American Idol" with Chris (the auditions are the funniest part - after that I lose interest) and listening to the salt truck drive by, it hit me ...tomorrow morning's Blog will be SALT!  I think it's safe to say the large majority of us cook with salt.  Lord knows I do!!  (big, hearty chuckle)

First, let me start by saying I'm a salt kinda gal.  I salt it.  I salt it all.  Is there such a thing as too much salt?  Yes, absolutely. Have I over-salted before?  Yes, absolutely.  After I over-salted was I scared away?  No, absolutely not!  I'm a salt kinda gal.

Salt, also known as table salt, or rock salt, is a mineral that is primarily composed of sodium chloride.  Now that doesn't sound very appetizing does it?  "Honey, will you please pass me the sodium chloride?"  Did you know the taste of salt is one of the basic human tastes?  Health authorities have recommended limitations of salt intake due to  the risk of possible health problems, one of those being high blood pressure.  Followers (and I love each of you!!)  please be responsible with your salt shaker.

There are low sodium versions of salt; there's Morton's Lite Salt (with 50% less sodium), Lawry's makes a low sodium seasoned salt, and there's even a Himalayan Pink Low Sodium Salt - who knew?!?!  I have tried, and used, the Morton's Lite Salt - it' okay - definitely offers a different taste - but you still get that "salt sensation."

Now, some of you may be Lisa one of those "salt snobs?"  No, I am absolutely not a salt snob!  In our cupboard right now is a good 'ole container of our local grocery store brand of salt.  In other words, it was the least expensive salt on the shelf.  Now, to jazz it up, I poured the salt in a decadent wooden salt bowl and I salt with my fingers -there's no pouring of the salt out of the metal spout on the container.  Wait!!  Oh my gosh...I...AM...a salt snob!  I think I'm actually a closet salt snob.  Sigh.

One of my favorite things to make is Jerusalem salad. Oh my gosh!  It is soooo good to me!  It makes my stomach not only sing - it makes my stomach sing like Elton John - like Barry White - like ABBA - like Frank Sinatra - like The Rolling Stones just makes my stomach SING!!

We top one of the breakfast's at our B&B (please see the link on my main Blog page!) with Jerusalem salad.  I eat it over couscous.  I toss it over grilled chicken or fish.  I top butter lettuce with it.  I just love it!  Oh, and one of the essential ingredients is, you guessed it, salt!  Not a lot of salt (seriously, it's not) - just enough to add another layer of flavor.

To wrap it up (oh! you could also put it in tortilla wraps!) my Jerusalem salad recipe is below!  I hope you enjoy it!

(for one large batch)

1 English cucumber
1 pint grape tomatoes (sliced) or 3 vine ripened tomatoes (diced)
1 large handful of fresh parsley (diced)
7-8 turns of fresh cracked pepper
juice of 1 lemon
3-4 shakes of garlic powder
1 large handful of purple onion (diced)
salt - to taste

Always "Push The Parsley!"
 ~ A Girl Cook

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