Organic Spinach Ribbons Topped With Smoked Mozzarella

Organic Spinach Ribbons Topped With Smoked Mozzarella

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Better Late Than Never, Right!?! :)

Yup ~ I'm SUPER beyond late with a post.  Ummmm, like 3 months late! LOL

Sorry ~ so much has been goin' on not only at the B&B ( but also personally.

Where do I even start?!?  Let's start with the B&B  ~ we're only in the month of May and we have been full 24 out of the past 27 days.  Most folks in E-town don't consider high season to really be high season until June  ~ we've just been rockin' and rollin' along and are looking forward to a phenomenal 2011 season!  Prior to the month of May we were busier than usual as well - knock on's a great problem to have! :)

At the inn, we modified Social Hour ~ we host Social Hour on Wednesday & Saturday afternoons with delicious hors d'oeuvres, cocktails & fresh lemon iced tea ~ we moved it from four o'clock to five o'clock in the afternoon.

We incorporated badminton on the lawn  ~ we have yet to have some serious players but have definitely witnessed some "unusual efforts!" :)  (zoiks!) Let's see, what else....we recently made AY Magazine's "AY's 2011 Best List" in the category of Hospitality / Bed & Breakfast Inn!! This was / is truly exciting as this recognition was / is 100%  voter submitted.  So, "Thank You!" to everyone who voted for us - we had no idea until we were contacted that we made "the list!"

Personally?!?  WOW!  So, so much!  Last month I met my two brothers (who I "found" in January), divine sister in law and beautiful 7 week old niece!  Enough said ....there really are no words to describe this ....any word I can think of just simply is not fantastic enough of a word!  I spent a week re-learning what the term "family" is about / what it means.  I came home and was filled with so many emotions ~ I was so emotionally raw yet simultaneously so ecstatic - it had been a long time since I opened myself up so much and put myself out there into the unknown ...willingly so.  It meant enough for me to find out so I did it ....a decision I will never regret.  A decision that has left me believing clouds truly do have silver linings! :)  Better Late Than Never, Right!?! :)  Mostly, I'm counting the days 'till I go back in September! (smile)  Oh, and did I mention I'm going back ON my birthday!??!  Rollin' in a birthday with family ....the best birthday present I could ask for.  Ever.  Period.

Moving on ~ let's talk FOOD!  Ate some ROCKIN' sushi last month when I was out of town.  Came home and was still craving it so much I decided ....against my better give a sushi place located about 10 miles from E-town a whirl.  Not such a great decision.  I kinda got the feeling it was truly one of my worst decisions when I bit into my first sushi roll and it was HOT.  We'll just leave THAT there.  Never would have been better.  LOL  Here's a super kewl link with the faboosh Anthony Bourdain and ....sushi!

Let's see what else ~ I re-vamped our strata recipe at the inn ~ carmelized onions is just one of the "new" things.  Gave the strata a whole new vibe / kick vs the raw diced onions I was putting in it.  I also omitted the green apples ~ Chris and I had been going round and round about the apples since the inception of the strata and I finally came around to his way of thinking.  Better Late Than Never, Right!?! :)

I remember my Mom loved her some onions.  Onions were a large part of my life growing up.  Surprisingly, as with most things my Mom attempted to "entice" me with, I didn't oppose the onions.  Now, I don't mean I chomped on a raw onion for breakfast but I did like onions and, present day, carmelized onions are my fave way to enjoy the good 'ole onion.  I remember her past food battles she lost with me ~ the green pea, pickled herring, liver, grapefruit.....well, you get the idea.  I can still hear her..."Now Lisa Margaret this (insert the food here) is good for you and will make your hair long and shiny."  I can still remember thinking..."REALLY crazy lady?  I've already GOT long, shiny hair!" LOL  At least I have good taste, right? Oh, and present day, I chose to indulge in cheeseburgers with mustard, cheese, pickles and ONION. :)  If I'm feelin' wild and crazy I'll toss some lettuce on there and butter lettuce is my fave!

Here are some fab strata recipes ~ if you'd like MOUNT VICTORIA's strata recipe, please shoot me a message and I will happily send it to you!

Gotta get back in the groove of my daily postings but I'm back and I'll talk to ya'll tomorrow!
 Better Late Than Never, Right!?!" :)

"Thank You!" to each and every one of my followers ~ I appreciate ya'll so much! :)

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